Types of Members

The Go Getter

Go Getters are friendly, outgoing members who want to make a direct impact on the Association. You make time for the things that are important, and are excited at the prospect of an interesting committee or team. If you sponsor or host an event, you’ll be there to welcome guests or lend a helping hand.

The Investor

You may be quite busy, or you’d rather spend time at home, or at a quiet dinner with close friends, though you’re open to a small class or more private event. You’d rather sponsor something you’re passionate about than host party. You may be more reserved, but you still want to find a way to support the HBA.

The Helping Hand

You aren’t the most outgoing person ever, but you like to network and make new friends and connections. You may not be able to join a team, but you’d like to come to events or help out at a larger event. If you sponsor an event, you’re more likely to be behind the scenes, or send an employee if you can’t make it.

Somewhere In Between?

Balancing a career, family, hobbies, memberships, and well, life, can be a challenge. Sometimes members have off seasons, or are suddenly free to volunteer unexpectedly. That’s okay! However you’re involved, make sure to get the most of your membership by staying up to date with the goings-on at HBAS.

Need More?

Each of our events benefits from volunteers – whether your taking tickets at The Home Show, or greeting members at the latest HBA Connect. With events spread throughout the year, you have plenty of opportunities to volunteer!

Life is busy – we get it! If you simply don’t have the time or energy to get physically involved, you have some pretty amazing opportunities – HBAS offers sponsorships, partnerships, and advertising opportunities throughout the year.

With so many great ways to get involved, are you ready to get the most from your membership?