Home sweet home.

The process of building or remodeling a home can be complex, time consuming, and challenging. HBAS members are here to make it easier. The steps below show you the basic process. Find your pro today by visiting our directory.

1. What are you looking for?

Take a drive around the community you want to live in. Are there ranches, bungalows, two-stories, or manufactured homes? What are you looking for? How big is your family? How much space do you need? Do you envision dinner parties, or large gatherings? Maybe something smaller and quieter? Check out homes online and save some favorites for reference. From cabins to family estates, the possibilities are endless. Decide what’s best for you.

2. Financing

Most likely, you’ll need a loan or mortgage to finance your custom home. HBA Saginaw’s membership includes some of the best banks and credit unions around, with knowledgeable and compassionate loan officers to help you through the many types of loans and mortgages available.

3. Choosing a Builder

Once you’ve decided on what type of home you want, and have a budget in place, it’s time to choose your builder. HBAS offers two fantastic opportunities to meet with builder members and help you find the best fit: The annual Home Show in March, and the twice-yearly Parade of Homes (May and October) which showcases custom homes, remodels, condos, and more. An HBA builder member is professional, licensed, and insured, and has a passion for not only their work, but for staying up to date on the latest trends and technologies in the industry. Use our directory to start your search.

4. Drawing Up Plans

Your builder will begin walking you through the actual process of completing your new home – starting with floorplans. Together, you’ll customize your layout, and discuss details such as HVAC systems, plumbing, and electrical work.

5. Building Your Home

This is the step that takes the longest. At this point, your builder and their team will get to work constructing your dream home. Be patient! Your builder should supply you with a timeline, and be able to give you regular updates on progress.

6. Final Inspection

Once your home is complete, your builder will walk you through the entire house, explaining the home’s inner workings, where things are located, and how to use any new technology or systems that have been installed, as well as go through any warranties or contracts.

7. Home Sweet Home

Congratulations! Your dream home is complete. All you need to do is move in, and live happily ever after.

How to Plan a Remodel


Decisions, Decisions

Is it time to update your kitchen or bath? Maybe you’re expanding your family and your home. Make a list of projects you want completed, including must-have products or details.


Pick Your Pro

By choosing an HBAS remodeler or contractor, you’re sure to get stellar service, and have the project completed to high standards. Check out our directory for top notch pros.


Don’t DIY

With the popularity of YouTube and TikTok, DIY may seem like the best option. However, if something goes wrong, you’re likely to pay much more than you bargained for to a professional to fix it.



Once your project is complete, enjoy the results! By using an HBA member, your remodel is sure to bring you joy for years to come.